Cod "Com Todos" Style
Duck Breast with Orange and Dried Fruits

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Chef Paulo Mota

Chef Paulo Mota started his culinary journey at 16 at boutique four-star Hotel Sao Pedro in Ponta Delgada, where he apprenticed until 1990.
Then Chef Mota joined the kitchen team at the four-star Hotel Acores Atlantico and was promoted to Sous-Chef in 2001.
Since 2004, Chef Mota has been the Sous-Chef at two four-star hotels – Hotel Acores Atlantico and Hotel Marina Atlantico – and proudly celebrates twenty years with the Bensaude Group.








Courtesy Monica Bensaude Fernandes/Bensaude Turismo

Cod "Com Todos" Style

Cod "com todos"

2 cod steaks
300 grs of cooked chickpeas
1 Portuguese cabbage
200 grs carrots chopped in thin circles
2 dls extra virgin olive oil
30 grs fresh coriander
1 salted pickled red pepper cut length wise
6 dry garlic cloves
200 grs crumbed corn bread
100 ml cream
Salt and white pepper
Boil cod for 5 minutes. Remove skin and bones. Grate chickpeas in a tasse-vite. Add cream and season with salt and pepper. Blanch cabbage, drain and sauté in olive oil and garlic.
Sauté carrots in olive oil and garlic.
Plate Presentation
Using a rim, first layer chickpeas, and then carrots. On top, place cod, broken apart. Cover it with sautéed cabbage and lastly, the crumbed corn bread. Give it a little color by briefly placing in a very hot oven. Decorate with olive oil and fresh coriander.


Duck breast

Duck Breast with Orange and Dried Fruits
2 boneless duck breasts
300 grs red cabbage, julienned
4 oranges
300 grs potatoes, cut in extra fine rounds (chip style)
50 grs crushed walnuts
50 grs crushed pine nuts
50 grs S.Jorge cheese sliced thin
½ cup Brandy
Salt and white pepper
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
10 grs sugar
Sauté duck in high heat for 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Zest the orange. Set aside. Juice the oranges and add it to pan. Let it reduce and set aside the sauce. Bake potatoes in a fan format with the thinly sliced cheese on top. Sauté cabbage with a little olive oil. Add balsamic vinegar, sugar and dried fruit.
Plate Presentation
At the top, place the fanned potatoes. In the center, place red cabbage and beneath position the laminated duck. Cover with sauce and orange zest.


veal loin

Veal Loin Verdelho
400 grs veal loin
300 grs potatoes
400 grs carrots
Verdelho wine from Pico Island
Salt and pepper (local, if possible)
Season veal with salt and pepper. Blush or sauté loin in high heat for 5 minutes. Remove veal, add onions and leeks and brown. Add red wine and let it reduce. Season and sift sauce. Grate carrots and sauté in a little olive oil. Bake potatoes, which have been previously stuffed with a bay leaf and bacon, in alternating cuts.
Plate Presentation
Place carrots at the center, potatoes in the back, veal in the front of plate, and cover with sauce.


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