Saxony Welcomes New UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ore Mountains/Krusnohori Mining Region named to the UNESCO list

Saxony now has a second UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Ore Mountains/Krusnohori Mining Region.

The new title underpins Saxony's reputation as one of the top cultural destination in Germany.

Every year more than eight million visitors from Germany and abroad choose a holiday in Saxony. They focus mainly on world-renowned highlights from art and culture, as well as the works of art created by nature.

The Ore Mountains, with over one million visitors each year and more than three million overnight stays, is one of the most popular holiday regions in Saxony. Idyllic landscapes, unique river valleys and picturesque settlements stem from the 800-year-old history of mining in the region. Mining has also distinctively shaped nature in the Ore Mountains: visitors can see this in a variety of ways, including wandering along the mill trenches, passing portals or slagheaps, strolling through the mountain towns or visiting the underground treasure chambers. Visitors can explore contemporary representations and vestiges of mining throughout the region.

The region is also known for its deeply rooted traditions and customs, which are still authentically lived out. Mountain processions and Mettenschichten (old German mining customs at Christmas) are still a permanent feature of the wintertime and Christmas season in the Ore Mountains.

The "Ore Mountains / Krusnohori Mining Region" is comprised of 22 components: 17 on the German side and five on the Czech side. The selected evidence of mining history represents the most important sites and epochs of Saxon-Bohemian ore mining. Every component represents a different item connected to the region's historical mining heritage, of which about 400 are on the Saxon side alone: unique mines and tunnel systems, metalworking complexes, historical mining towns, magnificent churches, compelling works of art related to mining and typical features of the landscape, such as old sinkholes and slagheaps.

For more info, go to www.montanregion-erzgebirge.de