Potsdam's "Palaces by Night"

New GardenOnce a year, Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany transforms its gardens and palaces into an enchantingly romantic scene; this opportunity allows guests to walk around this luxurious park like Prussian kings. Prussian King Frederick the Great is accredited for transforming Sanssouci Park and building the largest of Potsdam's palaces, the New Palace, as a sign of strength and confidence.

August 17th is Potsdam's XV "Palaces by Night" which features concerts, dancing, theatrics and literary lectures. In addition, guests are greeted with hundreds of actors in Baroque masks and costumes from past eras at the Orangery, the New Palace, the Chinese House, the Roman baths, the picture gallery and the Church of Peace. These events paired with the brightly illuminated gardens and palaces create an unforgettable scene. Midnight fireworks in front of the New Palace concludes the evening.

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