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Pilgrimage of the Holy Robe

Photos courtesy German National Tourist Office

The "Heilig Rock Wallfahrt" (Pilgrimage of the Holy Robe) will take place April 13 - May 13. Christ's Seamless Tunic is Trier Cathedral's best-known treasure. Normally kept covered and protected from light, it is only rarely on open display. In the last hundred years, this has taken place three times: in 1933, 1959 and 1996. The pilgrimage in 2012 marks the anniversary of its first public presentation in 1512. Since that first pilgrimage 500 years ago, millions of people from all over the world have come to honor the "Heilige Rock" (Holy Robe).

Heilig Rock Wallfahrt 1512
Heilig Rock Wallfahrt 1512

According to the Gospel of John, the soldiers who crucified Jesus Christ did not divide the tunic after the crucifixion but cast lots in order to determine who would keep it. Today, the Holy Robe is in the Holy Robe Chapel in the “Trierer Dom” (Trier Cathedral), where it is usually kept locked. The first public presentation of the tunic was in 1512 by Emperor Maximilian I. In addition to church services, there are many more spiritual events, exhibitions and concerts during the pilgrimage ( The city of Trier expects around 500.000 visitors during the Holy Robe Pilgrimage.

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