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Biking the Vias Verdes
Biking the Vías Verdes














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Ride Rail Trails Through Nature In
Spain's Vías Verdes

Photos courtesy the Spanish Tourism Institute and
Greenways Management and Environment

Spain's Vías Verdes (literally, "green-ways") are abandoned railway lines converted to trails, perfect for hiking or cycling in a natural setting. Why? Because they are easily accessible paths, comfortable for walking or cycling at any age or fitness level; no motor vehicles are allowed on them, they go through beautiful landscapes, and bring us to locations rich in culture.

More than 4,000 runners participate in the Día Nacional along the Vias Verdes.

More than 1,491 miles of paths
There are over 115 Vías Verdes in Spain, offering a total of more than 1,491 miles of paths through natural settings. They can be found practically everywhere in the country, both inland and near the coast. The routes are very varied, going through both rural and urban areas, and their length can range from just 3 miles to well over 62 miles.

There are also activities organized around the trails, such as sports events, photography workshops and cycle touring meetings.

Routes are accessible to all with trails that are very flat, with slight curves and slopes always less than 3%, ensuring universal accessibility for anyone who wants to enjoy nature. Your age and fitness level are not important, and reduced mobility or any other disability does not have to hold you back.

Walking along the coast of Spain on the Vías Verdes

Even though one can enjoy their comfort, safety, variety, and of course, their natural beauty, Vías Verdes offer much more than nature. These former railway tracks have been prepared for sport use and are all clearly signed. Everything has been done with the greatest respect for the environment, integrating the routes in their natural setting. Along the trails, you will find panels explaining the main natural and cultural points of interest.


rich heritage of the railways
There are also more than 100 former railway stations that have been restored to provide new services to the new type of traveler: small hotels and hostels, restaurants and cafés, railway museums and nature centers, tourist information offices and bicycle rental shops. Another attraction is the wealth of heritage of the old rail routes, with tunnels, viaducts and bridges, turning a walking or cycling trip into a magical experience.


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