There are more than 100 museums for visitors to choose from, including a number of offbeat collections such as the Globe Museum, the Third Man Museum and the New Fantasy Art Museum.




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Palais Pallfey

Quirky Viennese Museums

Photos courtesy the Vienna Tourist Board

The world's only globe museum is ensconced in a restored palace in the first district, just a short walk from the Hofburg Palace. Palais Mollard is home to 240 period terrestrial and celestial globes showing the earth, planets, moon and other heavenly bodies. The exhibits illustrate how advances in cartography and cosmography shaped the way people saw the world, both figuratively and literally. The Collectors' Cabinet presents various permanent loan pieces from Viennese private collections, including the oldest globe in Austria, a terrestrial model made by Gemma Frisius (ca. 1536).

There is even a museum in the city that is devoted to a single film. The Third Man Museum shows historical artifacts and original effects relating to the classic movie which was directed in Vienna in 1948 by Carol Reed. Highlights include film posters, cinema programs, around 500 sound recordings and video clips, and the most valuable exhibit of all: the original zither that Anton Karas used to compose the score for the movie. This lovingly designed private museum just off Naschmarkt delivers an unprecedented insight into life in post-war Vienna and the cinematic history of this unique film. A fully functioning projector from 1936 is used to show short sequences from the film.

The Third Man Museum Vienna

The brand new Fantasy Art Museum opened its doors to the public on January 15. This special museum is devoted to one of the most internationally important artistic movements of the 20th century, fantastic realism. The exhibition tracks the genre's progress from its infancy after the Second World War to the present day. The centerpiece of the museum is a collection of works by members of the Vienna School, including Arik Brauer, Rudolf Hausner, Wolfgang Hutter, Anton Lehmden and Fritz Janschka, who found critical success in the U.S. Octogenarian artist Ernst Fuchs created a special work for the Fantasy Art Museum, based on a piece created 55 years ago in New York.

Without a shadow of a doubt Brennpunkt is the hottest museum in town. Its niche is an unusual collection of heating-related exhibits that would otherwise be lost forever -- old boiler plants, industrial kitchen equipment, and steam heating systems for schools, hospitals and plant nurseries. The museum also has a range of beautifully-made stoves, historic heating equipment and everyday paraphernalia that together throw new light on heating and urban living. There is also a kids' zone complete with fun interactive exhibits for children to explore the topic of heating.


Globe Museum, Palais Mollard, Herrengasse 9, 1st district
Third Man Museum, Pressgasse 25, 4th district
Fantasy Art Museum, Palais Palffy, Josefsplatz 6, 1st district
Brennpunkt. Heating Museum, Malfattigasse 4, 12th district


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