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While most travelers are familiar with the Oktoberfest or Canstatter Wasen, most have probably never heard of the Send, Dult or Pützchen´s Markt. Pity because these Volksfest festivals are steeped in history and local culture and are amazing to explore. We would describe this as a massive mix of music, food, beer and wine, and fun. If you have ever been to a German Christmas market, you will have some idea what this is like. For foodies, the Volksfest is the veritable pot at the end of the rainbow and guarantees the immersive travel experience. Experiencing a local Volksfest is a journey in its own right – just don’t refer to it as another Oktoberfest. Check out this selection of Volksfeste and festivals you may want to experience.

OSNABRÜCK: May Week Festival
“May has come,” says a folk song written in 1842 by Justus Wilhelm Lyra - one of Osnabrück’s most famous sons. What a better way to welcome this merry month than with music? The tradition of putting up a maypole is celebrated each year with the Maiwoche (May Week) a festival where culinary delights meet music of all styles. Read more.

BONN: Pützchens Markt
Pützchens Markt is THE largest annual Volksfest in Bonn! Every year more than one million people visit the 650-year-old festival with its rich tradition dating back to the year 1367. There is something for everyone, from steep, dizzying roller coasters to spine-chilling haunted houses. Numerous food stands, bars and confectionery stalls mean you will not go hungry. The grand finale is an enormous firework display. The annual fair has mainly been held on the Market Meadows of Pützchen since the start of the 18th century. Read more.

MÜNSTER: Send Volksfest
The Send Volksfest in Münster - which has been held twice a year since the 9th century - takes place three times a year on the square in front of the Münster City Palace.

REGENSBURG: Dult Volksfest
The Regensburg Dult festival, whose roots can be traced to the 14th and 15th centuries, takes on something of an Oktoberfest feel - right on the Danube river. Read more.

Wernemunde Week Fest
Warnemünde Week

ROSTOCK: Warnemünde Week Festival
The Warnemünde Week Festival and its Niege Ümgang are stunning! Brass bands, local costume groups, Neptune and his entourage, fishermen, millers and bakers, merchants and innkeepers come together in a historical parade through the old town of Rostock’s seaside resort Warnemünde. Read more.

Augsburg: Plärrer Volksfest
Be inspired by the Augsburg Plärrer Volksfest which now looks back on a 1,000-year old tradition.

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