Every year the magic of European Christmas Markets enchant millions of visitors. Crafts, culinary specialties like Glühwein (mulled wine), baked apples and gingerbread biscuits (Lebkuchen) contribute to the holiday atmosphere.



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Aschaffenburg Christmas Market
Aschaffenburg Christmas Market Aschaffenburg Tourism


Leipzig Christmas Market
Photo courtesy Dirk Brzoska




Parade at Hohenzollern Castle in Germany
Photo courtesy of Hohenzollern Tourism











Rüdesheim Christmas Market Photo courtesy Rüdesheim Christmasmarket of Nations




Christkindli Market at Lucern's main railway station features a tree decorated with Swarovski crystal. Photo courtesy Lucern Tourism











Christmas Market on Bear's Square
Photo courtesy Bern Tourism



ZaGreb Christmas Fair
Photo courtesy Zagreb Tourist Board

Munich Christmas Markdet
Munich Christmas Market Photo courtesy Munich Tourism

European Christmas Markets
Sizzle with Excitement

German Christmas Markets

Munich (November 27 – December 24)
The Christkindl markets are now appearing in many parts of the city. In the city center on the Marienplatz, more than 150 stalls display arts and crafts, Christmas tree decorations, sweets and Glühwein (mulled wine). At the center of Marienplatz, stands a 100-foot Christmas tree lit up by 2,500 candles.

Munich Christmas Market

During a stroll through the market you can feel the spirit of Christmas as you enjoy a rich array of Christmas tree balls and stars, candles, ceramic and toys made of tin or wood. You will also find a lot of uniquely German products such as manger figurines, chimney sweepers made from plums and nutcrackers. Don't forget to taste the typical culinary delights: Lebkuchen (ginger bread), baked apples and roasted almonds and warm yourself with a cup of Glühwein. The aroma of Glühwein is everywhere in the air. For more info: Munich Tourism

Aschaffenburg Aschaffenburg Christmas Market Aschaffenburg Tourism

Aschaffenburg (November 27 – December 22)
Johannisburg Palace provides the picturesque backdrop for this Christmas market on Schlossplatz square, which has a giant Christmas pyramid and a nutcracker figure that stands more than 10 feet tall. Featured also is a traditional Franconian Nativity scene with life-size wooden figures. The festive program features alpenhorn players, children's choirs and instrumental and choral ensembles. For more info: Aschaffenburg Tourism

Leipzig (November 24 – December 23)
The scent of roasted almonds and Glühwein winds its way through Leipzig’s passageways, stall holders stack their shelves with their Christmassy wares and seasonal melodies play wherever you go. The Leipzig Christmas Market is one of the prettiest and largest in Germany, with 250 stalls in little huts, a cultural stage and a fairytale forest for children. The “Alt Leipzig” historic market beckons visitors into this picture-perfect winter wonderland in Leipzig’s old town.

Leipzig Christmas Market
Leipzig Christmas Market Photo courtesy Dirk Brzoska

A new addition this year is an advent calendar on the façade of Galeria Kaufhof. Each day at 3 p.m. a door will be opened and the present behind that door will be raffled off. For more info: www.leipzig.travel/christmas

Hohenzollern Castle
(November 27 - 29 & December 4 - 6)
In an astoundingly beautiful setting on the ancestral seat of the Prussian Royal family, the Royal Christmas Market in the Hohenzollern Castle is regarded as one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany.

Royal Christmas Market at Hohenzollern Castle
Photo courtesy of Hohenzollern Tourism

A broad spectrum of exhibitors as well as a stylish supporting programs invite guests to a festive delight to experience, discover and shop. For more info: www.burg-hohenzollern.com

Hohenzollern Castle Photo courtesy of Hohenzollern Tourism


Rüdesheim Christmas Market

Rüdesheim (Nov. 23 - Dec 23)
The Christmas Market of the Nations adds an international dimension to the festive season in the old quarter of Rüdesheim, with 120 stalls from 12 countries. At its heart is Europe's largest Nativity scene, with surrounding landscaping. Elk furs and jam made from cloudberries are offered by the Finnish contingent. What about a glass of delicious spiced Glühwein, made from the grapes of Rüdesheim's vineyards? For more info: Chrismtas Market of the Nations

Swiss Christmas Markets

Lucern Christmas Market Photo courtesy Lucern Tourism

Lake Lucern Region (until Dec 24)
The fragrance of cinnamon, mulled wine and raclette is in the air at Lucerne's Christmas markets. The shimmer of the lights, the atmospheric stands and the beautifully decorated Christmas trees will put smiles on the faces of young and old alike. The Lucerne Christmas markets are scattered about the Lake region, including Franziskanerplatz (Dec. 3 - 20), the Christkindlimarkt in the railway station (Nov. 20 - Dec. 24) and the Hand Craft Market on Muehlenplatz (Dec. 5/6, 12/13, 19/20).

Lucern Christmas and Crafts Market

For more info: Christmas market on Franziskanerplatz, Christkindli Market at Lucerne railway station and Hand Craft Market

Shopping at Bern Christmas Market Photo courtesy Bern Tourism

Bern, Switzerland (November 28 - December 24)
The streets and alleys are aglow with the warm light escaping from living rooms, Christmas trees decorate the facades of the houses and the Old Town, dating from the 15th to 17th centuries, provides a fantastic and unique backdrop for the distinctive Bern Christmas markets. Münsterplatz is devoted mainly to arts and crafts. Traditional market fare can be found on Waisenhausplatz, just a 10 minute walk away.

Visitors will find special candles, gifts and handmade souvenirs. Glühwein will help to warm you up again, and you will find plenty of stalls offering snacks or meals. For more info: Bern Tourism

Croatian Christmas Market

Zagreb (Nov. 29 - Dec. 24)
Once again the traditional Christmas Fair in Zagreb will take place during Advent in the streets surrounding Jelačić Square.
Visitors can take their pick of seasonal gifts, gingerbread hearts, cookies, colorful decorations, jewelry and souvenirs made by Zagreb's craftsmen, artists and manufacturers of traditional Croatian products. For more info: www.adventzagreb.com

ZaGreb Christmas Fair Photo courtesy Zagreb Tourist Board

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