Experiencing Great Britain in a Fresh Way

Photos courtesy Visit Great Britain

With summer approaching, it’s a good time to plan to visit the annual food and vegetable markets that pop up in the United Kingdom. Here are four of them that you might like to put on your “shopping list.”

Selection of colorful fruit, Borough Market, London, England

Cheese at Borough Market in London
Cheeses at Borough Market, London, England.

Pecorino Favoloso, Borough Market, London, England.

Winchester, England
Winchester, London hosts the largest market in the country, with nearly a hundred stalls selling produce ranging from artisan breads to water-buffalo burgers.

The farmers’ market in Winchester, England has a great variety of produce, organic vegetables and fruit.

food market
Choosing olives at St. George’s Market, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Edinburgh, England
Every Saturday on Castle Terrace under Edinburgh’s ancient fortress, Edinburgh Farmers’ Market hosts 55 food stalls selling wares like Scottish venison, organic mushrooms from the Highlands and handmade pies.

For more info, go to Visit Britain.

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