Four Great Road Trip Destinations in Europe

If you’re looking for a unique kind of European travel experience, consider a road trip. With the freedom of making your own way around the world comes an opportunity to discover things you would have otherwise missed – and you may be surprised at where the world’s best routes lie. Here are just four European destinations where the road trips are some of the best.

Photo by Raul Taciu

It’s perhaps the most unexpected country of all for a road trip, but Ireland actually boasts some of the best, biggest and most beautiful routes in the entire world. Take the Wild Atlantic Way, listed as the best road in the world by The Planet D. It’s also the longest coastal route in the world, too – running for over 1,550 miles along Ireland’s west coast, it’ll definitely make for an adventure.

Photo by Claire Bissell

That isn’t the only road Ireland has to offer, though. From the Burren Loop, surrounding the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Burren National Park itself, to the scenic Comeragh Mountains, Ireland has some of the most beautiful routes in the world hidden beyond its shores.

There’s no denying Italy has some of, if not the most wonderous and beautiful routes, perfect for a road trip. Consider driving by the Amalfi Coast near Naples, a scenic coastline with beautiful views across the turquoise waters from the jutting cliffs above. As an added bonus, towns like Salerno and Amalfi can be visited during your journey.

(left to right) Photo by Chris Holgersson; Photo by Ciprian Boiciuc

And Tuscany simply beckons for a relaxed road trip, with its rolling hills and sprawling countryside to discover. It’s a good opportunity to escape from the outside world as it’s quiet and draped in history and heritage – don’t be surprised if you go hours without seeing another soul. That’s the appeal.

Since Germany is one of Europe’s biggest countries, it’s no surprise it boasts some of the longest roads in the continent. The Huffington Post lists Germany’s Romantic Road as the “ultimate European road trip,” with the sheer variety it offers – from wine tasting to majestic castles in the countryside. “1 Cover” highlights Fussen as a must-see, lying at the end of the Romantic Road, so be sure to pull up and explore this picturesque town.

(left to right) Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel; Photo by Joseph Argus

Many of Germany’s routes have names that are equally as fascinating and intriguing as the Romantic Road. From the 625-mile-long Castle Road to the Fairytale Road, you have a number of choices when it comes to finding the right route for you – it all comes down to what you’re willing to discover along the way.

It’s safe to say Iceland isn’t a country many tourists are dying to visit – it’s yet to become one of the top hotspots for travelers. It’s a shame, as its offerings, including the incredible Ring Road, are some of the best if you’re looking for a very unique travel experience.

The Ring Road is the route to consider if you’re wanting a road trip like no other. The natural sights offered here are simply incredible – from volcanoes to waterfalls, from icebergs to northern lights, you’ll be overcome by just how beautiful Iceland truly is.

(left to right) Photo by Ivars Krutainis; Photo by Lorenzo Castagnone

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