Cycling Through the Green Vilnius

Cathedral of Vilnius on Cathedral Square

Photos courtesy Vilnius Tourism

Vilnius, capitol of Lithuania, is not only famous for its old town, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, but also for all its greenery. This city can definitely also be called a cyclist’s dream.


Start the route around the old town from Cathedral Square, considered to be the very heart of Vilnius. Visit the snow-white Cathedral of Vilnius.

Hill of Three Crosses
Hill of Three Crosses

Hill of Three Crosses

From the square you can see Gediminas Hill with its 15th century tower of the Upper Castle and the Hill of Three Crosses. Climb these hills and enjoy an amazing view of the old town.

Vilnius Town Hall
Vilnius Town Hall

The cycle path from Cathedral Square leads to Pilies Street, the oldest and the most gorgeous street in the entire city. Pilies Street widens into Didžioji Street, at the end of which stands the white Vilnius Town Hall.

Here you can turn right into Vokiečių Street. Cross over Traku Street to Vilnius Street, which brings you to Gediminas Avenue, the main street of the capital. Turn right and here you are again, standing in front of the cathedral.

Cross the Neris River on the Mindaugas Bridge and you arrive at a section of the cycle path, where you will forget you are in a city. Feel the greenness and quietness surrounding you. All the way around the Neris River is on the right.

Starting at the Santariškės traffic ring, a 3-mile-long asphalt cycle path has been built. It goes along Green Lakes, crosses Verkiai forest, and finally ends at the intersection with
Gulbineliai Street.

Verkiai Palace

While on this path don’t miss the architectural complex of Verkiai Palace, built 200 years ago. In ancient times, there was a pagan temple here. Behind the palace, on a cliff, is an observation platform, from which a view of the Neris Valley opens up.

Take forest roads from Verkiai Palace and you arrive at Ežerėliai Geomorphologic Reserve. At the top of the hill you will see Alsas Lake. Go down to Gulbinai Street which leads towards Balsys Lake and cross the small linden forest and finally you arrive at Balsys Lake, where swimming on a hot summer day is refreshing.

Verkiai Regional Park
Verkiai Regional Park

If you prefer not to travel alone, you can always join cycling trips around Verkiai Regional Park, organized by the Pavilnys and Verkiai Regional Parks administration. During the warm season you can travel the route Verkiai Palace – Ežerėliai – Green Lakes – Riešė and Turniškėlė – Verkiai Palace.

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