International High-Speed TGV Train Now Ready to Roll

New High-Speed Line makes Direct Train Travel between France, Germany and Switzerland faster and easier

A total of 160 bridges and 12 viaducts have been built on the 264 miles of new track to be used by high-speed TGV trains which can travel at speeds up to 201 miles an hour.

For the first time, direct service is being offered within France on routes including Paris to Besancon, Belfort and Mulhouse.

TGV is French for Train à Grande Vitesse which means “high-speed train.”

International high-speed TGV trains offer direct service between France, Switzerland and Germany on routes such as Paris/Lausanne, Paris/Bern, Paris/Zurich and Frankfurt/Marseille. Tickets for TGV trains, including this newest section of high-speed line, are available through

Avignon TGV station

“This newest section of high-speed line will make a big difference to the way travelers can travel within France and also between France, Germany and Switzerland in 2012,” said company President and CEO Frederic Langlois. “The Rhine-Rhone high-speed line will offer faster travel times, more frequent and direct trains, and the speed, ease and convenience of connecting between these countries makes for a better travel experience.”

High-speed train in France

This new high-speed line runs east-west, reducing travel times from the northeastern city of Strasbourg to Lyon to just 3 hours and 40 minutes. The number of trains on this route will also increase to six roundtrips per day.

Another line will run north-south from France into Germany allowing travelers from Marseille or Avignon in the south of France to go directly to Frankfurt without changing trains. It is estimated that 11 million riders will utilize the new Rhine-Rhone line.

TGV Line
Map shows new high speed section in green.

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