The 10 Commandments for Travelers

1. Thou shalt not expect to find things precisely as they are at home… for thou hast left home to find things different.

2. Thou shalt not be unhappy with schedule changes…for schedule changes are inevitable and part of great adventure.

3. Remember to take half as many clothes as thou thinkest and twice the money.

4. Thou shalt not let other travelers get on thy nerves…for thou art paying good money to enjoy thyself.

5. Thou shalt not judge an entire nation by one person with whom thou hast had a problem.

6. Thou shalt carry a passport at all times, for a person without a passport is a person without a country.

7. Thou shalt not look to assign blame when problems arise, for we are all in the boat together.

8. Thou shalt not worry, for he that worrieth hath no pleasure…and few things are fatal.

9. When in Spain and Portugal, do as the Spaniards and Portuguese do.

10. Remember that thou art a guest in other lands and he that treats his host with respect shalt be an honored guest.

Mark Waldron

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