Travel to Europe Like a Pro

Whether it’s your first time to Europe, a romantic vacation for two to Paris or a family trip to London, international travel can seem a little daunting. With proper planning, you can kick off your vacation on the right foot.

1. Educate yourself on the culture: It is important to be mindful of other cultures when travelling internationally. Be sure to study up on any common cultural mistakes that travelers make when entering the country you are visiting. This will safeguard you from making the same embarrassing and offensive mistakes.

2. Review rules on air travel and luggage: Save time (and stress) at the airport by checking the TSA website’s list of prohibited items. No one wants to start a trip having to repack their luggage at the airport or getting stuck in customs.

3. Make copies of important papers: most people know that proper documentation is needed for international travel, but how many people think to bring copies with them? Take the time before you leave to keep a copy of all your documentation in your email, just in case something happens. Have an unlocked mobile phone? Be sure to keep a copy on there too. (If you don’t, think about purchasing one.)

4. Check out the local forecast: in order to know what to pack, it is important to know the typical weather where you are going in the time frame you are going. You should also check the local weather a few days before you leave.

5. Purchase an unlocked cell phone: Stay connected with those at home by purchasing an unlocked mobile phone. Purchasing an unlocked GSM phone will allow you to access pay-as-you-go plans internationally, saving on roaming fees. This kind of connectivity can give you piece of mind in knowing, wherever you are, you are always connected.

Courtesy of Ahmed Khattak and GSM Nation

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