Snack Responsibly With Roll’eat

By Alison Ramsey

How many plastic sandwich and snack bags do you use in a week? If you pack a lunch and snacks for work or school, probably too many to count! You can help reduce pollution and protect our planet by switching to reusable food wrappers by Roll’eat. These sandwich and snack bags come in a wide variety of fun colors and prints – from animals to fruits to bold solids and flashy patterns, you can pack some personality into your purse or lunch bag!

On a recent work trip full of long tours, the hotel’s abundant continental breakfasts were too tempting to ignore. Many colleagues sustained themselves throughout the long days by wrapping mixed nuts or an extra pastry into a tissue-thin napkin in the morning and stuffing it into a pocket or bag. As you know, this rudimentary wrapping often results in a crushed croissant or a pocket of loose, linty legumes. Roll’eat Snack’n’Go and Boc’n’Roll reusable bags are the perfect solution to this problem, protecting your snacks from spilling or squashing, and they provide zero waste!

The eco-friendly Snack’n’Go is a 7”x7” soft pouch with a durable upper closure and a leak- and stain-resistant inner layer that ensures your snacks remain fresh. The double-layered fabric can be wiped on the outside and inside with a damp cloth or washed in the washing machine, and the bags can fold down to a small size for easy packability. They are lead-free, BPA-free, and hassle-free for life on the go. There is even a Snack’n’Go Duo that features 2 pockets, so you can slip a saucy sub sandwich into one and some crunchy munchies into another, keeping your food items separated.

Roll’eat bags also give you the option to pack healthy food from home instead of relying on junk food from vending machines or supporting the production of pre-packaged, high-calorie snacks. You can snack on fresh, natural foods that support better health, while using a snack holder made of materials that don’t cause harm to your health or to nature.

The Boc’n’Roll sandwich holder opens flat to turn into an ~18”x13” placemat, protecting your food from dirty surfaces, and it can fold compactly, depending on the food you’re enclosing. I am one who loves wrapping gifts, and each use of the Boc’n’Roll is like preparing a colorful present to open later! You place your sandwich in the center and fold up each side over it until easily securing it with a button or strip of fabric fastener, depending on the model. The fabric is beautiful and tough, but please don’t use sharp utensils around it or try to cut a sandwich in half on top, to avoid puncturing it.

The Bio line by Roll’eat is 100% biodegradable and sustainable. The fabric of these is an organic cotton canvas in solid colors, with a natural wooden button enclosure. These compostable materials are manufactured using fewer fossil sources and will eventually decompose faster while using less energy than other materials – another chance to be kind to Mother Earth and reduce negative effects.  

Reduce harmful waste, promote environmental awareness, choose a responsible lifestyle, pack healthy foods – Roll’eat bags help you do all of that while adding style to your snack life! Please visit to shop the collection and learn more about the Roll’eat mission and impact.

“Think eco, be smart!”

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