Frankfurt’s Liquid Gold

Photos Courtesy Frankfurt Tourist & Congress Board

Locals and tourists alike enjoy this beverage in rustic apple wine pubs all over the city. The “core” apple wine scene is in Old Sachsenhausen; numerous apple wine pubs line its streets where they serve customers their infamous “liquid gold.”

In the Middle Ages, beer and wine were the beverages of choice. As with many products today, apple wine came into being because of an unavoidable circumstance rather than an idea for a new product. In the middle of the 16th century, the Rhine-Main area went through a climatic change that negatively influenced wine production. Because of this, many vineyards transformed into fruit orchards, thus beginning apple wine production. During the Goethe era, taverns made the switch and became apple wine pubs. Today, apple wine remains a staple in Frankfurt and is growing in popularity.

It’s easy to spot a local apple wine pub: just look for the wreath hanging above the door. There’s even an old saying,
“A wreath on the door means apple wine and more.” Traditionally, apple wine is served in a blue-gray stoneware jug called a Bembel. Other necessary glassware for apple wine drinking includes a ribbed glass called a Gerippte.

For an unforgettable Frankfurt experience, take a tour of old town in the “Apple Wine Express.” The Apple Wine Express is the city’s most popular streetcar and takes guests on a sightseeing tour around the city. For one hour, visitors can munch on pretzels, listen to music and sip apple wine while experiencing the city in a new way.

Apple Wine Express
The colorful “Apple Wine Express” takes passengers on a tour of Frankfurt’s old town.

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