Hohenwerfen Fortress: A Well-Preserved Antique

Photos Courtesy Austrian Tourist Office and Tourism Salzburg

High above Salzach Valley near Salzburg and built with an unyielding stone facade, the 900-year-old Hohenwerfen Fortress has undergone centuries of development to become one of the oldest and best-preserved castles in Europe.

Hohenwerfen Fortress
Daily demonstrations of falconry at Hohenwerfen Fortress

Tour the interior of this historic structure, visit the impressive falconry displays at Austria’s first Falconry Museum or enjoy concerts, theater performances and heritage evenings throughout the year.

Hohenwerfen Fortress
Hohenwerfen Fortress

Isolated high above the Salzachtal Valley near Salzburg, Hohenwerfen fortress has a history of protecting archbishops and archdukes from enemies, as well as keeping prisoners locked up behind the impenetrable castle’s walls. These days, the stronghold’s doors are wide open to visitors to explore the history of this “Castle of Adventure.”

A guided tour takes you through the venerable fortress’ chapel, kitchens, battlements and bell tower. Check out weapons from throughout the ages on display in the armory and arsenal, and inspect the residential rooms of former castle governors.

Hohenwerfen Fortress

Every year, a wide variety of special events including concerts, theater performances, and folk heritage evenings take place at Hohenwerfen. Many consider the highlight of this lineup to be the daily demonstrations of falconry put on by the Provincial Falconer. To learn more about the history and skill of falconry, visit Austria’s first falconry museum along the Bird-of-Prey Path.

Hohenwerfen Fortress

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