New Addition at the German Emigration Center

Photos courtesy of the German Emigration Center

View of new wing at the German Emigration Center (on right).

The Emigration Center at Bremerhaven, Germany, just added a new wing to the museum. Until now visitors ended their journey back in time through the staged and reconstructed rooms at the Ellis Island Receiving Station in New York; the journey now continues.

The new room “Office of the New World” is dedicated to the question: what did immigrants and the countries of immigration know about one another? Against the backdrop of a train station as a place of transit, the new staged and reconstructed room “Grand Central Terminal” shows the history of German immigrants in the U.S.A.

The original plan.

German Emigration Center
The new wing.

The new bridge connects the history of emigration with the history of immigration.

On the first floor of the new building a mall with several commercial stores in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1973 has been reconstructed. Visitors trace the roots of immigrants: the shop windows display common, everyday objects together with the memorabilia of immigrant families, illustrating the stories of 15 immigration groups that came to Germany in the last 300 years. On the ground floor general information on immigration to Germany between 1685 and today can be found, as well as the family research area and the new “Roxy Cinema.” For more information, visit

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