Swabia’s Very Own Theme Park

Set deep in the countryside, surrounded by forests and vineyards, Tripsdrill opened in 1929—Germany’s first theme park.

About an hour’s drive southeast of Heidelberg, the park revels in nostalgia, reflecting the Swabian region’s tradition and history. Tripsdrill is set on 190 acres, with 100 one-of-a-kind attractions, including the 100-foot-high “Mammoth” wooden roller coaster. Activities include water sports for the whole family, action rides for thrill seekers and interactive play for children.

Roller Coaster

In 2012, the Village Street will be enlarged. The new timbered house is typical of Southwest Germany, and its three floors will be devoted to a variety of games for older and also younger children. The year 2012 also marks the 60th birthday of the federal state of Southwest Germany (Baden-Württemberg), and Tripsdrill is joining in the fun with a series of special events to celebrate all aspects of Swabian culture.

Roller Coaster

The neighboring Wildparadies Tripsdrill (wildlife park) is devoted to wild animals native to Europe. Celebrating its 40th birthday in 2012 with plenty of wildlife action and excursions, this park also has a new feature: overnight stays. Visitors can stay in a shepherds’ wagon or a comfortable treehouse deep in the forest.


For more info, go to www.tripsdrill.de/en

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