Take a Ride on the Cheese Train

Photos courtesy Lake Geneva Office of Tourism, Switzerland

The GoldenPass Cheese Train in Switzerland will take you from Montreux to Château-d’Oex every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. through April 27, where you can discover the specialities of the Pays-d’Enhaut region.

Cheese Train


Cheese Train

The Le Chalet restaurant makes its “Le Chalet Bio” cheese over a wood fire, just like in an Alpine chalet. Before your eyes, the cheesemaker, wearing a traditional costume, transforms 160 to 200 litres of organic milk into hard cheese. And you get to taste some at the end!

Le Chalet is a typical mountain chalet, serving fondue and dessert.

This museum of folk art was established in 1922 and gives an insight into the lives of the Swiss forefathers. The museum is well-known in particular for its collection of over 60 well-preserved scissor-cut silhouettes.

Cheese Train

The art of paper cutting produces images that look like lace. They are carefully cut with scissors or cutters and are traditionally produced in one piece, in black and white. A paper cutting may also have different shades of color or formats, and sometimes it looks like a collage of colored papers.

Cheese Train

Also in the Folk Art Museum there is painted wooden furniture, sculptures, statues, military paraphernalia, cow bells and skis, all from the XIV century. These objects are displayed throughout 15 individual rooms. The museum has also recreated rooms which depict the life of blacksmiths, alpine cheese-makers, country kitchens and a bread oven which dates back to 1665.

For more info, go to GoldenPass Cheese Train

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