Victorinox Values Safety Stylishly

By Alison Ramsey

Airport check-in is hectic and rushed. We juggle handbags, wallets, snacks, laptops, babies, cellphones, boarding passes, IDs, passports—and all while trying to pour out the rest of our water bottles before security demands it. I did A LOT of research before purchasing the attractive accessory that majorly simplified my check-in process—the Victorinox Travel Organizer with RFID Protection. The $55 price tag might seem like a lot, but Victorinox is a brand I stand by because they focus on quality, sturdy construction, and smart technology. A brand leader in Switzerland and the rest of the world, Victorinox puts its energy into several categories of products, although it all began with the legendary and esteemed Swiss Army knife. Besides cutlery, this Swiss company produces watches, fragrances, and travel gear.

In terms of travel gear, the Victorinox Travel Organizer specifically meets my needs due to its large capacity to hold multiple passports and boarding passes (so I can keep track of my kids’ passports and papers as well as my own). Although it comes in either black or red, I chose the eye-catching bright red color so it would show up in my dark-lined bag and would be easy to spot if I misplaced it. The zipper is sturdy and secure, zipping around 3 sides of the wallet to completely contain the contents.

The interior offers 12 credit card slots, with one covered in a see-through mesh to keep an ID or business card visible. Its long, zippered pocket is perfect for cash or documents that need safe keeping. The interior “spine” of the organizer reveals a canvas tube for storing a pen. The right side of the wallet consists of 4 tall pockets and dividers that help you separate your boarding passes and passports, and can even hold reading glasses, earbuds, and your cell phone. The zippered mesh pocket on this side is perfect to hold coins, jewelry, more open-faced IDs, or small items that need containment. The outer, backside of the organizer even has a wide, extra pocket for storing customs papers and tickets that you want to keep easily accessible without unzipping the whole wallet. A strong canvas loop at the top corner allows you to keep a firm grip on your valuables by sliding a finger through for extra security.

Back side

Speaking of security, this wallet safeguards your private data by blocking radio-frequency identification (RFID), preventing others from scanning your credit cards and ID cards and wirelessly obtaining your personal information. I felt very confident storing my travel documents and accessories in this handsome wallet as I traveled internationally through multiple airports and customs desks.

10.2”H x 1.2”L x 5.1”W; Weight 0.4 lbs

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