Ku’Panda Proves the Power of Plants

By Alison Ramsey

Air travel and outdoor adventure can dehydrate skin, but Ku’Panda has herbal solutions to bring your inner glow back to the skin’s surface!

Ku’Panda Skincare offers plant-based and herbal tea-infused skintreats for your skincare toolkit. Ku’Panda means “to plant” in Swahili, and the company’s well-researched “Plants First” philosophy is to combine plant-based botanicals with active ingredients that are scientifically proven through clinical studies to treat common skin issues. Based in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona, the company sources plants and raw herbs from all over the world for the herbal teas that provide the necessary rejuvenation, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties of their products. Rich with antioxidants, polyphenols, and natural acids, these dried herbs steamed in distilled water are Ku’Panda’s secret to moisturizing and rejuvenating inflamed and dehydrated skin.

Founder and CEO, Janae Peats, said, “I wanted to include botanicals and natural ingredients, but also ingredients that are proven to deliver the real results we look for. I was intentional about the ingredients and used powerful herbal teas like butterfly pea flower, hibiscus, white willow bark, and chaga mushroom, which target hydration and rejuvenation. Active ingredients like niacinamide, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid are combined with these botanicals to deliver the results we seek.”

Travelers with long, dehydrating airplane flights but a desire to look and feel fresh upon landing could include several key Ku’Panda products in their carry-ons. Best-selling Butterfly Creme contains butterfly pea flower and has a fragrance-free whipped consistency that absorbs easily into thirsty skin. Rose Toner 2.0 is a small cooling spritz that revives dull skin with fresh hibiscus flower, licorice root, and rose water – ingredients that refresh, brighten, and revitalize your glow. Reveal Serum is a gentle, hibiscus tea exfoliant solution administered weekly to the skin via eye dropper, to combat hyperpigmentation and skin congestion using lactic acid and hyaluronic acid in combination with skin-soothing, fruit-based Vitamin C.

Packaged in gender-neutral glass containers, and essentially unscented, the Ku’Panda skincare line can benefit people of all skin type and shade. No one is excluded from the healing benefits of nature’s best. At Kupandaskin.com, full size products as well as sample sizes can be ordered, with all shipping included in the cost.

Economic and Earth-friendly, herbal teas in Ku’Panda skin products are a way to use nature to replenish the skin’s lost hydration with a sustainable solution. The “to plant” definition of the company name also reflects Ku’Panda’s positive and noteworthy viewpoint on intentional manifestation: “We can all have the life we desire, planted one seed at a time.”

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