Daruvar is Croatia’s Famous Crane Town

Photos courtesy Croatian National Tourist Board

Daruvar in Hungarian means Crane town (daru=crane, var=town).

On February 28, 1765 Maria Theresa, Queen of Habsburg dominions, granted Count Jankovich the title “de Daruvar” because of the crane in his family’s coat of arms. When Antun Jankovich built the Daruvar Castle between 1771 and 1777 the town was forever known as Daruvar (in Hungarian “Daruvar” means Crane town or Crane’s castle).

Crane's Castle
Crane’s castle

The crane’s pose on the coat of arms, turned to the right side with its leg raised, represents constant alert on the watch. Since Antun Jankovich was the founder of the town, the symbol on the town’s coat of arms is also a crane.

Daruvar Parks
Daruvar Parks

MOST DECORATED SMALL TOWN OF CONTINENTAL CROATIA The combination of greenery and urban architecture, cultural diversity and fertile vineyards, entices travelers to visit Daruvar.

Spa Park in Daruvar
Spa Park in Daruvar

Famous as a spa town with the tradition of health tourism for more than 2,000 years, the town boasts an enriched combination of greenery, new and historic buildings and a rich selection of touristic and recreational facilities.

Wine Road

The Daruvar Wine Road and recreational areas which are located within the newly-opened thermal water park “Aquae Balissae” make the town an interesting place to visit for many local and foreign visitors. Two large decorated parks and the Roman forest in the town center discreetly blend with the town’s architecture, making the town one of the greenest urban areas in Croatia.

For more info: Croatian National Tourist Board

(left and middle) Daruvar’s Coat of Arms; Daruvar, Croatia

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