Switzerland’s Transport Museum

Kaitlyn and Kellen get “sized up” by this big Swiss Air DC-3.

Photos by Amy Luetgert

Wow! Cool! That’s what visitors, and especially children, say after a few minutes in this 21,500-sq-foot museum in Lucerne, located right on Lake Lucerne.

With as many as 850,000 visitors a year, the museum is Switzerland’s most popular attraction of its type.

Swiss Transport Museum
Children are fascinated by this mechanical concoction composed of things that “go.”

From space capsules to trains (big ones, as well as miniature ones that run through the grounds), to airplanes and helicopters and automobiles, from the latest media technologies and interactive hands-on exhibits to a cycle park, the Swiss Transport Museum displays more than 3,000 objects, plenty to keep two kids busy for a while.

Swiss Transport Museum
With yellow hard hat on, Kellen shovels rock into a conveyor belt and dumps the rock out from a small rider tractor. What kid gets to do this anywhere else?

Swiss Transport Museum

Kaitlyn looks up from “walking” over Switzerland where she has a wild aerial view. Then she works up enough courage to reach “into” a tornado.

Kaitlyn Luetgert, 9, and her brother Kellen, 6, from the Chicagoland area, spent an afternoon at the Museum with their parents, and their mother Amy Luetgert filed this photo report of their experiences.

Swiss Transport Museum
Kaitlyn and Kellen participate in a hang glider simulation. The padded bench the kids are laying on is suspended from the ceiling by cables and moves with motion.

Swiss Transport Museum
Everyone loves picking out a historic car from the 80 on display, which are then mechanically brought right in front of you.

The Luetgert kids “sign on” as airline pilots and flight attendants.
Kellen says, “I could spend a whole day here!”
“No problem, let’s walk under this steam engine,” urges Kellen.
With a facade like this, anything is possible inside the Museum.

For more info, go to Swiss Transport Museum

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