Two New Books Encourage Adventurous Hiking and Biking

HIKE: Adventures on Foot
One hundred and twenty-five opportunities to move your body across the world in an exhilarating, sustainable way! This published compilation of walking trails is the work of outdoor enthusiasts who have selected each featured route for its spectacular scenery, interesting history, or unique challenges. Each trail suggestion includes practical information to help you plan your trip, including the distance, total ascent, elevation, duration, as well as sightseeing tips. Hiking newbies and veterans alike can benefit from the book’s preparation tips, trail etiquette guidelines, and essential gear checklist.

One scenic hiking trail suggestion, Dove Lake-Cradle Mountain (Ronny Creek, Tasmania, Australia), is a one-day circuit traversing boardwalks over moorland, passing through lush rainforest, and ascending large boulders on Cradle Mountain. Readers are advised to look for ambling wombats and gray-furred Bennett’s wallabies near Ronny Creek and to pause for photo opportunities of dramatic vistas from the summit of Cradle Mountain. The return trip passes numerous sparkling lakes and offers a chance to see quill-covered echidnas in their home near Dove Lake.

A fascinating book for active hikers and armchair travelers alike, “HIKE” binds maps, history, geography, and interesting photography together into an inspiring and informational volume.

RIDE: Cycle the World
Explore the world by bike, cruising along the 100 cycleways presented in this compilation of trails recommended by avid cyclists. Along with colorful photos and area maps, this DK Eyewitness gem contains detailed route information, including road surface, elevation, total ascent, scenic outlooks, distance, and pit stops. Get inspired to go “bikepacking” in North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia, and Australasia—wherever your travels take you.

Beginners, or those looking to upgrade their ride, are provided helpful guidance on which type of bike to choose for their adventures; road, mountain, gravel and touring, recumbent, and electric are the options explained and diagrammed in the opening pages of the book. Select a vehicle suitable for your experience level, desired terrain, comfort goals, and mobility needs, and prepare for your trip by reading up on bicycle maintenance, essential gear, and safety precautions.

Included in the book is a trail along the Helgeland Coast in Norway, which features a grouping of more than 6,500 islands rising from the sea. Best as a summertime route, with beautiful light but always a chance of showers, this Helgeland cycling opportunity traverses 126 miles in a “reasonably relaxed” ride on paved and gravel roads. “Syklist Velkommen” signs abound along the route, welcoming cyclists to stop for food, safe bike parking, and laundry facilities. Riders can expect photo-worthy vistas of mountain peaks, sandy beaches, and quaint and colorful wooden cabins, fishing huts, and houses. Along this route, stop at an old wharf along the trail to tour and sample sweets at Heidi’s Chocolate Factory in Dønna, eat a tasty meal cooked by famous chef Jon Aga at the Vega Havhotell, and visit the Vega World Heritage Centre to learn about eider ducks and how they helped earn the island UNESCO status.

Stock up on supplies and water, and prepare to feel the wind against your face as you explore spectacular sights via bicycle.  

For more DK Eyewitness titles, and further information about “HIKE” and “RIDE,” please visit   

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